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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 15, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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. now at 11:00, this is how bart is running tonight, but a snag had the new contract make this is reality. barts board wants to go back to the negotiating table. will the union go for it? the bart board district is asking union negotiators to come back to renegotiate a provision they approved. it could send bart and rueters back into -- riders back into chaos. >> i encourage you not to take
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the bay area hostage again as was done prior, i encourage you to do your duty to the members that work here. >> the board of directors got an earful from union members concerned the board is considering rejecting the agreement that they reached a month ago. all you got is buyers remorse, you bought it and now you don't want to keep it. there's no returning over here. you must stand by what you have done. >> at issue is a provision in the tenthive agreement allowing members to take six weeks of paid medical leave if someone is severely ill. they signed off on the provision during negotiations. >> it's signed by three agents
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for the district. >> now the bart district said signing off on the paid family leave provision was done in error. >> this was prepared in mid- july, signed in august, it appears on all the status reports that a tentative agreement. it was not a glitch. >> whatever the reason the bart board adjourned to a closed door session to discuss rejecting the agreement that the union approved. the fear is that could send the workers back on strike in the bart board issued this statement indicating they don't believe the chris dick -- district intended to approve that family leave. it's unclear if the union will return to the table.
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tonight, the union have not had a lot of tile to react to the news of bart trying to call them back to the bargaining table. jeff, negotiate littles -- negotiations were intense for six months. >> union leaders are saying that bart management is trying to change the rules after the game has been played. if they want to go back to the negotiating table the board will reject the contract altogether. >> they came to the table to negotiate in bad faith and attempt to bust the union. we negotiated in good faith. this is a good ta. we signed it in good faith. this is a buyer's remorse, i
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can not tell you what they are thinking about. they are the minds as they were when we negotiated. the board must vote no before anything gets done. that's the legal process. there's no side keels, no back door deals. members have voted and spoken. the negotiating team has voted and spoken. if they want us back they have to vote no and we will go from there. >> what does this mean? it means the contract could be up in the air and if the board rejects this contract then anything is possible. that means a strike could happen again. we'll keep our eyes on this story. i'm jeff bush. >> the board meets thursday. we'll keep following the bart contract talks be update you as
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soon as we learn more. you can get up dates on our face week and twitter pages on and our mobile app. miles scott wage batkid for a day and saved san francisco -- i mean gotham city -- today. >> if you want to see how the day of batkid went, we'll recap that in about eight minutes. a san francisco supervisor is on damage control tonight following what some are calling his negative post about today's batkid event. tonight eric mar plans himself. >> san francisco supervise
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errorric -- supervisor eric mar sent this out. writing waiting for miles the batkid and wondering how many thousands of san francisco kids living off food stamps could have been fed off the money. would you take that tweet back? >> i would have reworded it and said i love miles and the inspiration but i'm concerned about the 20,000 kids that live on food stamps and 50,000 that are food insecure. >> mar was gladded on social media. saying he should be cheering miles rather than politicize the event. mar is happy for miles but despite the help of thousands of volunteers it was expensive. >> when the police chief and the time-out from important meetings and security and street closure and billy
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stadium in the civic area there's hundreds of thousands the city is contributing. >> it was wonderful to see a young boy feel empowered and for us to be inspired. >> in san francisco. still to come, traveling to the city from the east bay is about to get easier when the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel will open. >> it's chilly, where temperatures are and where they will two overnight. coming up.
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. commutes in the east bay are about to rejoice, caltrans made the announcement at the rib or cutting ceremony for the 4th bore. the opening is expected to cut
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five and 10 minutes off the congested commute. the project was funded through federal stimulus money and tax increase passed in 2004. still to come, everybody left their hearts in san francisco after the batkid saved gotham city. coming up later, who's in, who's out, raiders and 49ers looking forward to the weekend. jonathan martin strolls into new york city, we'll show you a guy that can get you out. a fan in the stands who'll pelvic thrust into your face. stay tuned for "inside edition." a disease that turns people into human stad uses and the beach that's the smartest dog. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back.
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is. >> what an amazing day in the life of a little boy that bravely battles leukemia and his wish to be a superhero came true. miles scott was transformed into batkid and san francisco was transformed into gotham city. >> before today we knew miles by this picture that make a
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wish shared with us. miles transformed into batkid entrance formed the city -- transformed the city into batkid fans. the big day started when he left the grand high at in his bat mobile in style. he answered a call for help in russian an hill. a damsel in disstress. batkid jumped into action. she was tied up on the cable car track and a suspicious device needed to be disarmed. he got a big long hug. a kiss from his damsel. from there back in the bat mobile, he was off the financial district. that's where the ridler was robbing a bank vault. batkid was on the run heading
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into the building making short work of the ridler who was loaded into a paddy wagon. he blas:00ed in the glore -- basked in the glory of his fans. from the financial district back to union square where he dined like a king, chowing on at burr gear -- burger bar. the penguin led a flash mob. the penguin kidnapped the giants mascot lucille. justine made her way to city hall for the keyser money and grand -- key ceremony and city
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hall. >> it will be mine. there's nothing you can do about it. >> penguin thought he could get away stealing lucille. some of them got emotional. >> my cousin died of leukemia, it's for a little kid. i'm a dad, i'll do anything for my kids. why not. >> to the rescue, batkid and batman saving the day. after a ride down the coke bottle slide, batman tackles the penguin and batkid freed lucille. he got a big hug. then san francisco police carded off the penguin.
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our pint-sized superhero got a warm welcome as he walked on the field and got his next mission from the police chief on the jumbotron. before he flew off he had time to run the bases. a home run for his fans. >> it's a wonderful thing. >> it's a feel good moment and you want be to be supportive. >> supporters wanted a snap shop -- snapshot as he left for city hall in the bat mobile with a police escort. >> if we lost lucille, if the penguin captured lucille we would be in trouble for next year. he provided a valuable service. >> he's our hero. in gotham city, kron4 news.
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>> once his crime fightings duties were accomplished he received one of the cities highest honors, he was greated by a large crowded of fans. >> on friday afternoon san francisco civic center was transformed into goth only city hall -- goth only city hall. >> 5-year-old batkid miles scott took the stage friday afternoon as thousands of adoring fans cheered him on. batkid forever. to reward his skills mayor lee presented miles with the key to the city. >> what would we do without you. the streets are safer because of. >> you all of friday's adventures were sponsored by to make a wish foundation.
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miles has spent the past few years fighting leukemia. his wish was to be batman. his father explains why. he liked the cape. miles has been a fighter, he fought through cancer, he beat that. i think it goes hand in hand he's the fan of batman and superheros in general. here's to our fighter. >> at city hall, kron4 news. >> skies are mainly clear and it's chilly. north bay, 41 in napa, closer to the coastline 45 in half moon bay. it is going to be chilly tonight. satellite and radar showing high cloud coverage. we're not going to be cloudy we'll be clear. this storm will stay north. you see a lot of the rain
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breaking up as it moves on shore. as you look at futurecast, you will see tomorrow morning we'll have cloud coverage. the high clouds mainly. the rain up to the north and the coastal waters. into the afternoon same thing. if there's rain it will be a light shower in the north bay. clearer skies into the evening. temperature in the morning, very chilly as we saw, in the low 40s. in the 30s in napa, 41 for livermore. the afternoon cooler than today. low 60s for most of the bay area. 64 in livermore and concord. here's a look at the extented forecast. a slight chance of a shower in the north bay. as we head into next week we have a better chance of rain. that's tuesday, tuesday afternoon into wednesday
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morning. temperature a tad bit cooler as the storm approaches. in sports the 49ers and raiders it's about the injuries, [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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out of the blocks with hockey. we go to the edmonton. joe pa vell ski.
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-- pavelski. 1-0 sharks. later on in the he's a rookie. have you seen a better rookie come down the pike. 2nd period, patrick marleau, everyone called him soft. he's not. >> thank you. >> get the prompter working. he scores goals. sharks win 3-1. they trail anaheim. >> when you see a guy interviewing, it was a heck of a 2nd quarter. what's the question. i know i did. watch the game, you can tell. you guys are down 10. >> exactly. >> looking good for the injured 49ers sunday in new orleans. vernon davis by all accounts is
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going to play, eric reed is going to play. both suffered concussions last week. both went through contact drills. after practice all the winning favors them being on the field. 1:25 our time titanic against the saints. >> no complaints, no worries. >> are you operate businessis -- optimistic? >> kaepernick fined 7875 for grabbing the face mask of a panther last sunday. terrell pryor, he did not practice, and now is very questionable for sunday against the texans in houston, if his knee injury keeps him out mcgloin will start at
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quarterback. jonathan martin was in new york and distribute say much after the meeting but said that he told everybody at the league office about the conditions with the dolphins but that after today he's not going to comment publically. hello dancing fan. nashville, tennessee, no ripe, no reason, no punch line, number 19 is getting down. we'll get out of here with cal, cal basketball, only because we need something to stall until pam can say the rejoiner for the weekend. jabari bird from richmond, 24 points, he will be worth watching. cal beat oakland out of michigan 64-60. bears are 3-0. pam is tired.
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i'll handle it. >> jan wall will wear a haad. good night everybody.
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alec's army. >> watch out with that camera. >> the citizen army alec baldwin has recruited for his security. then, oprah winfrey's shocker. what made her say this? >> they just have to die. and mayor laughing stock. what he just said that has jon stewart going crazy. >> what! what! what! plus, the mystery of the most famous suit in history. jackie kennedy wore it the day of the assassination. >> deborah: 50 years later where the pink suit is today. then, the family that vanished into thin air. the shocking discovery in the desert. >> they're together, and they're in a better place.


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